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Pathway of Hope IS a House of Prayer, Healings, and Salvation Center!

We will glorify God as we love, listen, trust and obey Him in helping the blind to see, to know the TRUTH, and set the captives free by being a light for Him in the community and way beyond, so they (too) can be with Him for eternity!   Refer to the Holy Bible Verses: Psalm 37:5-6; John 14:15; Luke 4:18; I Timothy 2:4; Matthew 5:16

We value putting the FAMILY FIRST; therefore, we will intentionally create a fun and caring environment where families are encouraged and equipped to grow closer to God and each other.

We value THE NEXT GENERATION; therefore, we will champion emerging generations by giving them the best of our time and resources to ensure their success in the world.

We value SECOND CHANCES; therefore, we will show love, acceptance, forgiveness and grace to anyone regardless of their past or present circumstances.

We value LIFELONG LEARNING; therefore, we will create an atmosphere that cultivates personal growth and development.

We value the CREATIVE ARTS; therefore, we will strive to creatively communicate our passion for Christ Jesus through music, drama, dance, and other artistic expressions.

We value EXCELLENCE; therefore, a spirit of excellence will permeate every activity: not perfection, but excellence with consistent evaluation and a willingness to improve for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

We value BLUE-SKY THINKING; therefore, we will help individuals reach their unlimited potential as they discover the dreams that God has deposited in their hearts.  With God, we believe the sky is the limit!  FOR NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!  His vision will be accompanied with His provision as you love, trust, and obey Him, and all for His glory!! 

We value UNDERSTANDING AND FOLLOWING THE WORD OF GOD; therefore, the Bible will serve as the foundation our church is built upon as we allow the Holy Spirit to make us more like Christ Jesus.

We value AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS; therefore, we will intentionally create opportunities for individuals to experience community and genuine fellowship with one another.

We value INTIMACY WITH GOD; therefore, we will create an environment that allows individuals to enhance their personal relationship with Jesus.  Jesus is a friend who sticks closer than a brother - not some distant God who fails to interact with us in the real world.

We value EVERY PERSON'S GIFTS & ABILITIES; therefore, we will nurture an environment of teamwork where every individual can make a contribution and use their gifts and abilities to show their love to God and each other.

We value the WORLDWIDE SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL; therefore, we will do our part to fulfill the Great Commission, which commands us to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).